Ellie Parrish

Please pray for my Dad William Parrish for he isn’t recovering from hip surgery like he should be.
He can’t walk and he has cancer which is making everything worse.
He also has pneumonia and a catheter.
My Dad must walk (with a walker) so he can come home.


Anthony Alston

Please pray for my family for we are in crisis and under attack severely. I’m doing all I can think to do.


Praying for New Beginning and for healing in our nation and in nations. Lifting up 2 Chronicles 7: 14 Sickness is still on the rise and so much more. Amen


Good Morning and GOD blessings every prayer 🙏 everyones on this wall . Father GOD so much is going on and we know that YOU, alone are our salvation please GOD please forgive us where we fall short. I come lifting up all our babies those who are sick with colds and respiratory symptoms and non-respiratory symptoms please clear their air way so they can breathe normally healing them please. Praying 🙏 for our families and confused grandchildren please remove the cloudiness from their minds put the right people from YOU in their path and deliver them from the evil one in JESUS Name. Lift up marriages and ones battling separation and
divorce and my son and wife in JESUS Name Amen

Renee Wells

Please pray for my 83 yr old Mom Mamie who just caught Covid. We took her to the er Sunday with a fever of 102. She’s started eating a Lil solid food and kept it down but started complaining about still not feeling to right yet no chest pains, shortness of breath, no pneumonia , blood sugars and blood pressure has been in normal range without taking the meds 2 days. Please pray Jesus heal her and give her strength speedily as well as myself to help know alternatives to get her back to normal. Thanks much.


Prayer for peace safety joy and safety


Please pray for my son and his family as they begin a new life in their new home with their two young sons who at 4 and 9 who gives praise every morning to God. Amen for their young sweet lives. Thank you all for your prayers. God Bless you all just because he’s God.

Kay Jessup

In Jesus name please pray for our mercy in this world. We need God to see us through unconditionally. We have no other but God to keep us, to guide us and give us all peace. In his name Amen!!


I want financial healing for student loan. Heal my mother from dementia and healing for her arm and left eye. Provide a job for my brother. Let the family love one other. Provide a place for the homeless.

prayer requests

Let us pray for you



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