Missions and Outreach Ministries (M&O Ministries)

The mission of the Outreach ministries of New Psalmist Baptist Church is to save the lost and nurture believers in the faith by providing outreach services and resources to empower our community and world.



Locally, we seek to empower families with outreach services and resources to reach their next level of growth and development in Christ and creation. These services and resources include: 

 Spiritual Growth classes – In order to reach our next level of growth and development, we grow spiritually. In addition to attending bible study and discipleship classes, our Evangelism ministry will teach you have to share faith with others in the community, you can lead others to Christ.

 Project 100 – A family enrichment program that provides families with empowerment classes, and weekly groceries that help families establish a firm foundation.

 Project 200 Job Training Center – Prepares persons to obtain quality careers.  Project 200 offers career assessment, resume building, interviewing skills, professional development and job placement.

 Financial Empowerment – Seeks to teach financial principles that will reduce debt, create financial stability, and build wealth using biblical based wealth building principles and practices.

 Fitness Ministry and Health Empowerment  – A part of our grow and development in Christ is taking care of the temple that God has provided for us. Our fitness and health empowerment ministry will guide you on how exercise, health eating, regular vaccinations and doctor visits will keep us healthy while we are doing God’s work.

 Social Action Legal Committee – Seeks to empower people with information and resources to make their voices heard on social issues.

When families in the community complete the above family empowerment ministries, not only are on their way to their next level of growth and development but, the church provides other family services that develop the entire family. These services include:

C.O.R.E. (Christmas Outreach Empowerment) – C.O.R.E. assist families with purchasing gifts for Christmas.

Choose to be G.R.E.A.T. (Gang Resistance Education and Training) Summer Camp– The GREAT camp gives children ages 9-12 the opportunity learn how to make good decisions that leads them to greatness.

School Supplies for Children – New Psalmist does an annual school supply distribution and prayer for students before they go back to school. 

Deaf Ministry

Seeks to train member in interpreting to help our hard of hearing and deaf community.

Homeless Ministry

Seeks to Minister like Jesus by provide services to the homeless population on a weekly basis to welcome people home

Prison Ministry

Seeks Minister like Jesus to provide services to persons behind prison walls and those transitioning back into society to welcome people home


Seeks to Minister like Jesus in the following areas:


Health Empowerment Ministry – Provides various health screenings and health care education to care for the temple God has entrusted to us.

Zion Fitness Center Ministry– The fitness center offers the ability to workout with machine and free weights, treadmills, elliptical machines, and stationary bikes to care for the temple God has entrusted to us.

Dance & Self Defense Classes– There are line dancing, zumba, kick boxing, self-defense classes designed to care for the temple God has entrusted to us.

Yoga These classes help members of our community find alternative ways to release stress and tension

State Outreach

Our outreach ministries also empower disciples to provide services and resources throughout the state of Maryland to “make life better for someone else”. 

Taking Charge Schools

Taking Charge Schools

New Psalmist partners with 12 schools in Maryland to help students, parents, and school staff members to Take Charge of their Educational Success. 

Missionary Ministry

This ministry provide ministry services to senior facilities and adult daycare centers throughout the state of Maryland. 


American Red Cross Partnership & Disaster and Crisis management

Many of our members serve on Disaster and crisis teams for the Red Cross and respond to emergencies on a daily basis Many of our members serve on Disaster and crisis teams for the Red Cross and respond to emergencies on a daily basis 

Blood Drives

New Psalmist host blood drives throughout the year helping to save lives throughout the state of Maryland.

Prison Ministry

New Psalmist provides services to almost every prison in the state of Maryland seeking to ministry to those behind prison walls, their families and those who are returning citizens.

International Outreach

The Outreach Ministry of New Psalmist take the gospel to the ends of the earth with our international outreach efforts: 

Foreign Outreach Ministry (FOM) – Provide outreach and evangelism services to families around the world.

United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and WASH in School Partnership – Our FOM ministry manages a website for UNICEF and the WASH in School Partnership. The team gathers global experiences and data regarding children access to Water Sanitation and Hygiene in schools (WASH) around the world to increase advocacy and investment in WASH in Schools.

Global Policy Team (GPC) – Our GPC team assess global policies as it pertains to the environment to ensure safeguards for human dignity; be a voice for empowerment of the disenfranchised, build individual and institutional capacity, alleviate human suffering,  and be good stewards of the earth. Our Global policy team partners with the Alliance of Religions and Conservation their networks to better care for God’s creation.


New Psalmist also is an accredited organization with the United Nations Environment Program which seeks to create global policies that will protect our planet.

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