I have been struggling to keep my home and provide for my four-year son, who is on a waiting list to get screened at Kennedy Krieger. I have been going through one finical hardship after another due to Covid-19 and my caring for my son, who started showing some signs of developmental concerns. He was poorly treated in four daycares, and I still haven’t gotten any help in shutting them down. I am being sued this Thursday by Navy Federal for a loan when I had my business but had to close due to Covid-19 and my son’s mental health. I haven’t been able to make payments, so they clog for my home and any checks I get, so which will put my home at risk. I have been behind on my mortgage and applied for different assistance. I need help with fixing things in the house and can’t afford it. Lastly, I am asking for God to show me who is the husband he’s created for me because meeting and dating the guys the pursued me wasn’t him! Thank you.