I am very appreciative of your prayers and at the same time I truly need assistance and support. I am a mom of a 5 year old son and from one hardship from another I’m asking God for a miracle and support from the community. First I am facing foreclosure on my home. We have no where else to live. Before Covid-19 I was forced to be laid -off my job and I started a business. Covid-19 and no physical help with my child I was forced to close my business. My son was injured at 4 daycares and I have tried to get these places shut down and had no help. I have my son on a wait list to be screened after I was insulted, the daycare who said my son was autistic. My car is in need of serious repairs and it’s a classic that I dreamed of restoring and I have some bad experiences with mechanics and now I need a engine. I worked part-time to take care of my son needs and I was forced to quit that job for my employer created a hostile work environment. My son has no clothes he need clothes and shoes. I have been praying for God to send angel who pay off my balance of $97,000 on my house for me and son to live in. I been asking to get a engine for my car. I prayed for a food truck so I can work flexible hours to take care of my son. I been praying that I can pay my lawyer after being sued for debt. I just need help. I love God and I just need miracles he’s able to do this and more ! I am seeking resources