What is my purpose??? I am 43 yrs old. I almost/could have DIED 4.7.23. I was in an auto accident the wheel came off of my truck. I lost control of the truck went up on the curb. All I remember seeing is a big tree, a pole & a power line & saying to myself Father GOD I cannot hit a tree or pole lord please help me Father GOD. By the grace of GOD, the truck didn’t hit a tree, a pole or the power line but it flipped over, and I had to be cut out through the windshield. By the Grace of GOD, I had no broken bones or fractures, but sustained a great deal of trauma to my body. The airbag came out and cause sever bleeding to my nose and caused a cut n my head. I am right-handed and my entire right side is immobilized, swollen and sore. I have bruises all up & down both legs, my left hand is swollen. My left ear is swollen and a knot behind my ear. My kneck and back are sore and I continue to have sever pain on both my sides. After being scanned for this accident the dr found 2 tumors one on my right lung where I had a PE last Feb. and one on my kidney. I have had 4 major incidents or accidents in my life where I could have lost my life and I DIDN’T!! I lost my mother when I was 13 to a drug overdose, my grandfather & my grandmother who raised me in 2016 to Alzheimer’s. I know they are my guardian angels!! What I don’t know is my purpose?? WHY GOD chose me?? What is my assignment because I know he is not done with me yet! He saved me again!!!!! How do I understand the reason? Please pray for me that I am guided the GOD wants me.