Hello, I need a prayer I’m facing criminal charges with a young lady we both are facing charges which is a cross-complaint for the same incident. I just don’t want a prayer for myself but for her and her children as well. We have spoken and decided to not testify against each other and became friends again. But the state’s attorney wants to prosecute me still when and we both told them we want to plea the 5th. I don’t have a criminal record and I have a license to carry a firearm. With this being said I have valid evidence to prove my case but my attorney seems to be siding with the prosecutors. I also would like a prayer for my nephew Rylan who’s 4 years old and was admitted to ICU he was diagnosed with an influenza HIB flu type bacterial that gave him meningitis pray for his recovery. Also, my brother Charles is facing criminal charges for defending his son. I would like a closer relationship with god and my family! My anxiety and depression PTSD to go away. Lost my job 3 years ago from being sexually harassed and retaliated against I need a prayer for this as well since Jan 27, 2020, until now my life has been upside down my health is up and down my relationship is up and down. My finances are low. I just want peace I want god I need god I’m tired ….