I am having a hard time getting a job. I have college degrees and i cant even get hired at Walmarts I interview but i am never hired. I desperately need a job. My financial debts are a lot and i am almost crazy with worry. It is causing me chest pains and headaches every day. I am a Christian and i dont know why God is not helping me. I have interviewed numerous places to no avail. I am a good person and it seems as if i am cursed or being punished. As if i have a money /job/work Curse on me so i have to struggle and suffer. When you see my degrees, you will not believe . I hold 2 Master of Science degrees and a Bachelor of Science degree. Please Pastor help me Please so I can still believe there is a God who loves me and doesnot want me suffering. At present, I am starting to lose hope. They say its jobs, but i cant get hired.