I pray to the lord about and I know he hears me but maybe sometimes I’m not loud enough. So I’m asking for help. For over 28 years I carried hurt, pain and betrayal. I’m left with resentment, angry and loveless. I still with the person that cause all this. Just call me crazy! I’m not happy with myself in this so called marriage. I’m not close with anyone and don’t have no one to talk too that I trust. I ask the lord to send me a true friend for years but it never happened. It would be nice to have someone when you feel like you have no one. I’m alone and been that way for a long time even though I’m married. I don’t know what the lord wants me to do. I pray that the lord heals my heart. I pray that he wash away all the hurt and pain. I pray that he renew me from the inside out. I’m tired of walking around with a heavy heart. I’m not good in the mentally sense because of hurt, pain and disloyalty. From my marriage that loves hurt and love don’t love you back. I want to feel love and I pray that I don’t need a man to make me feel this way. I’m really desperate for help. I pray our voice is loud enough that he can hear us both. Thankyou for your time.