Thank you for giving me the opportunity to request prayers. The past year has been one of the tuffest I have ever experienced. I have been taken advantage of by the ones closest to me, almost lost my ability to walk and a home that I was living in and raised my beautiful babygirls in was taken from me so quickly that I barely had time to gain my balance. I am now stuck in a home where it is not really healthy for my family to be. But I have no choice. I thank God every single day that at least we have a roof. The stress is really starting to weigh on me physically and mentally. I've managed to maintain a level of happiness eventhouh its been so hard. And I've come to realize that if it weren't for God's love and grace I could be in so much of a worse situation. So today I ask the church family to pray for my family and myself and I ask that the church family pray that when God is ready that he provide a better environment and provide less hardships for my family and I. Love and prayers to you all. Thank you.