Greetings, NPBC Family: Praise Jehovah! Jehovah, I want to thank you for the gifts, awards, and blessings that you have bestowed upon me, my friends, and my family. May these blessings continue as an example of your grace, mercy, and favor. But, Jehovah, let us also apologize for any acts, thoughts, or feelings that are not pleasant in your sight. Rebuke and remove those acts that rebel and transgress against your word. Amen. I ask for forgiveness for any and all sins that I committed in the past and present, and any that I will commit in the future. Jehovah, sadness, anguish, anger, and outrage fill the streets as countless mass shootings are the rule of the day. Men, women, and children are being shot, hurt, and killed. There suffering, pain, and questions. I ask that you ask GOD to provide answers in ways that we will understand, answers that will calm the troubled heart of little children, mothers, and fathers. They weep because they need and want answers. They want peace of mind. They long Jehovah for your leadership and guidance. Please pray that Jehovah hears them and answers and shows that he loves them. Pray for those like me Jehovah who have sinned, but have a good heart. I, like many, struggle to do the right thing and need your guidance to keep me on the right track. I say this in the name of Emmanuel, Amen!