Pray for my son and his wife to get away from a church and denomination in NC. The pastor teaches false doctrine, is a “Jesus Only” believer and teaches against the trinity. He tries to force/scare people into speaking tongues and twists the bible for his benefit. He makes all decisions involving the church and does not allow anyone to be a part of any decisions including finances, hiring, building, etc. He preaches that he doesn’t need a “money hungry HOA deacons” and only needs another pastor help him with decisions regarding the church. He dictates what the congregation should do and not do (like no chewing gum in the sanctuary, only long sleeves or ¾ sleeves, all woman have no makeup, no pants, and only long hair. Men cannot have beards, they shouldn’t listen to secular music, watch television, or have worldly things – however his family can wear the expensive clothing, have worldly things, and go do worldly things. The pastor prays and Jesus tells him when people should get married. The pastor wants to build a school and campground to “shelter” them from the outside world and is already isolating them from their family and friends. It seems they are not supposed to do anything outside the church or with people not from this church. I’m afraid this is the forming of another Jim Jones or Waco, TX. It’s like he uses scare tactics and the congregation allows it. Pray God shows the pastor the truth. Pray my son and his wife gets away from this denomination and church alive. Pray we can speak in love and truth and that they see the truth.