FATHER GOD in the Precious Name of JESUS I lift up the Police Commissioner and family and all that’s under him praying cover them with YOUR PRECIOUS BLOOD 🩸 give them YOUR strategies in force of crime in this city they can’t do this on their own. Praying for peace asking that right doors be open for YOUR people in education and jobs and housing. Praying for New elect Governor Wes Moore and family open the doors that needs to be open LORD guide him all the way help him decrease and YOU increase for the YOUR Will to be done in JESUS Name LORD bless his marriage and family draw than even more close in YOU. FATHER GOD lifting up our Bishop Thomas and family, Rev. Joshua Thomas installation in a new church. Praying for smooth transition with wife and family. Praying for the congregation and their needs and the families in JESUS NAME. Praying for Deaconess Patricia Thomas healing and Joy.Rev Thomas older son and his church and congregation and ministries LORD. Lift up Min.Darlene Gilbert and praying wall ministry all the ministers and deacons and deaconess in our church and families FATHER GOD lifting up Tabitha this child support situation again. Praying for Carl G to do the right thing for his son. Praying for better job and the situation on Tabitha job with manager situation.praying for the right job for her and for myself. Lifting up Betty C with the situation with Nathan. LORD praying for mom’s peace of minds and health, Lifting up Linda Patrice Travon situation family, Sam B health and he needs more hours they cut his hours. Sylvia, Charlotte, Bernadette health and mine. Praying for our young people and those in need of jobs. Lift up my family and friends LORD you know all about it in JESUS Name Amen. Thank YOU for making a way out of no way and opening doors and closing doors Amen