My prayer request is that my son Shawn Brodie Jr, who attends Minnesota State University-Mavericks, is drafted in the 2024 NFL Draft. That he is a #1st round draft pick.

Player of the week
Player of the game
Harlon Hill Award
Newspaper coverage starting now
Highlight reels on ESPN coverage on every ESPN channel from now through draft day
In total every game – 6 sacks, forced fumbles, and pass interceptions.

Heavenly Father, you promised that you will make my name great, Genesis 12:2. I am requesting that you do it through my son. Also, you said that my seed are blessed AND mighty in the land, Psalm 112:2-3. And LORD, You also promised, that You Yourself, stand over and watch over Your own Word, making sure it is fulfilled, Jeremiah 1:12.

Thank you Heavenly Father in advance for fulfilling my heart’s desires!