My oldest daughter is getting married and we’re on a tight budget where we don’t even have gas or food towards the end of every month but I’m trying to help with any best way that I can, I pray that all the finances for her wedding are blessed and provided for and that I can also have more finances as well as my family for things that we need like basic food and gas and necessities, thank you Lord for providing for me and all of your Miracles I thank You Jesus and I’m grateful for You, also please pray for my husband he’s losing his mind we’ve been married 30 years and we live together obviously but we feel like we are miles apart primarily due to finances and his lack of provisions and that things that he used to make money are broken and not fixed, please pray for him as I don’t feel connected to him and I’m sure he feels the same way, please pray for us, when you don’t even have enough money to go to a movie or go on a date or even gas to go out of town together it puts a strain on the marriage please pray for us in Jesus Name, Amen.