Hello and good morning. I am writing to first thank you for interceding on my behalf regarding my education and finances. I have been immensely blessed beyond measure. I have been more mindful of my money and how I use it. College courses, especially in Finance, have helped me realize, at the core, the value of money and why it’s important to recognize its importance in all aspects of life, including my personal and Christian life. I am writing mainly to ask for discipline and focus on my work this semester it again seems that I am putting distractions in front of me, and I am allowing myself to fall into procrastination loops where I put entertainment in front of my education it is not helping me doing this so I am asking that God intercedes and give me focus and discipline to put my education first in my life I need to be successful in my classes just as I was last semester I don’t want to fail my courses so I am requesting prayer for my educational success and for me to focus on schoolwork and to put off leisure and entertainment until I put my education and educational goals firstly and to be lead to put my education first in my path towards a bachelor’s degree. Thank you to whoever is praying on my behalf. I am beyond grateful that someone is taking the time to pray for my situation. May God continue to bless you and those around you. Be well and I am grateful for your prayers and intercession.