Good afternoon and thank you for allowing me to come to your congregation once again. I am reaching out to thank whoever has been praying and interceding for me first. I am deeply grateful that I have been able to regain my SAP, and I am receiving scholarships from my school. I have been able to take my studies more seriously. I want to sincerely thank you for your prayers. They have encouraged me fully to grow in faith and to believe and witness God’s enduring power and favor in my life. I have been blessed to have made it when I was hanging by a thread; indeed, it has been a fantastic moment in my life where I want to grow more in my faith, and I want to mature in my ability to learn patience, mercy, and grace continually. I came today because I feel inside that things have been improving. I have recently been contacted for a job opportunity. The opportunity has many benefits, and they are offering more than the job I have now. I work remotely, but this job is hybrid, so it gives me a chance to get out either 2 or 3 times per week. The thing bothering me is I am in a job role that is going to last until October, so I have the assurance of my job lasting until then. The job role appears to be a really great opportunity. My supervisor at my current job has offered us so much leniency; she’s allowed me to want to take my role seriously, and it appears I am in a good company that believes in their mission. But I am in a position where I am limited economically, and it’s been hard for me to want to save and attain money. It’s been hard for me to live independently because housing is high. Rent requires me to save fully 3-6 months of savings to be able to find housing as I am a young adult, and I am concerned that I will not be able to experience independent living, growing and learning, and truly finding myself in God. I am worried about my future being confined to co-living with other people. I want to live independently. I just want God to give me the favor to lead me to live on my own. But to be honest this current job is not offering a window or any chances for me to help me grow and experience living on my own. The current job pays less, and it just seems attuned pay wise to those living independently. I am requesting that I will get a new job opportunity that will offer me independent living and allow me to be economically comfortable. The reason I am asking this is because co-living has made me stressed, and I am not happy or content with my situation currently. I need God’s help to open the windows of Heaven and give me favor to any employer who gets in contact with me. I pray they see my worth and stop prejudging me because of whether or not I will be a “fit” work or culture wise I wish for every employer and hiring manager will be someone who I can appeal to and let my experience speak for itself. I pray that every employer and hiring manager who touches my resume will be touched in their heart to contact me and be impressed with my experience. I really want to leave co-living and I want to experience independent living I know I’ll have to be financially disciplined and ready for independence living so I ask that the Lord gives me a financially disciplined spirit and that I learn to save efficiently and effectively to be able to have money prepared for when I move out of my current co-living space. I ask that housing management I reach out to will be persuaded to allow favor on me and offer me lower rent prices that will fit my budget. I know I am asking so much but at this time I feel stretched and stressed it seems my current job is not offering me a way towards independent living. I am always financially strained at times spending as a way of coping with stress. I pray fully for financial breakthrough for me and my future which seems further and further from me. I ask that God hear and understand my issue fully as I have been financially strained for so long and now, I want to break the chain this chain that has held me back for so long. I want to ask God to bless and grant favor to whomever will pray on my behalf to increase blessings and favor for my intercessor. God, I thank you for everything you’ve done for me. And I believe there is a reason for why I had to go through so many bumps and stops in my life to lead me towards greater and better. Truly thank you for your prayers they have granted me so many amazing and unbelievable manifestations of God’s love and grace in my life. Thank you fully and may God bless you and everyone around you and sincerely thank you for your act of praying on my behalf. I truly am appreciative of this.