Good Morning, and Thank you for reading this. I come before you today because I have a spiritual flaw in myself. I have noticed recently that I have been in a place of self-blame, anger, and reacting and saying things that have hurt my spouse. I am working in my flesh at times. I am not happy. I am more or less stressed, and I am going through a lot of financial issues. I am in dry seasons in my life where I feel I have drained my will and energy due to external and internal stress. I also noticed that when I worked on my flesh feelings, one night, I insulted my spouse coyly about her height and weight by making generalized comments that offended her. I could tell these past couple of days that my spouse went from happy and bubbly to sad and depressed and just not herself. I am personally ashamed and feel like I hurt her inside. Her demeanor changed, and I felt bad about my behavior to the point where I blamed myself for always saying disrespectful things out of my mouth. I hate the fact that I do this, and I promise I am not going to do it, and I do it. It’s bothersome to me to not be able to express kindness to my spouse. I have unresolved issues in my life that have not been resolved. I believe that the more I speak in my flesh, the more I put myself in situations I have trouble getting out of. I am concerned about my relationship being in the wrong spot when it was in a good place originally. God, please hear me and bless and repair my relationship with my spouse. Make me adore her just as I did when I met her. She has been kind and loving towards me, and her family is amazing. I pray that I am given peace, mercy, and kindness towards my spouse and that I have room to forgive myself for my past mistakes. I am hurting from my actions. I ask that God works on me to make me an ideal husband and lover for my spouse. Please allow me to feed my spirit and soul with positivity and love. Because to be honest, I have not been myself. I feel like I am a different person who is not the person my spouse sees as her ideal. I want to spend time outside of my job learning about God’s word and to find peace and reconciliation with myself. I want to make it up to my spouse that I am worth it and I am the man she wants. I thank you for helping me be successful at my school last semester, to whomever praying for me thank you for meeting me in my time of need of prayer. I know God is continually imbuing you with his favor and blessings for yourself and others around you. Thank you again helping me want to be better and improve and building my strength through your prayers and requests. May God bless you and those around you.