Hello I am in a dark place right now next week I will lose my job I have been living with my mother who is very toxic and hateful towards me. I am miserable and I feel like my life is trapped and I am unable to handle the stress I am fearful of being unemployed and without work for a while I have been under extreme duress and I am constantly stressed and angry I am angry about my living situation that I don’t have the ability to become independent I am fearful that I will be living with my toxic mother for the rest of my life. I am deep in debt and I am hurting everyday because of my past mistakes. I need help. I need anyone who can empathize with my situation and knows or have been in a situation that where life left us feeling alone and in constantly feeling hurt and fears. I just want some one to pray that the lord will work on me will work on improving my outlook and I will have the wisdom and knowledge to handle situations like this. I am just scared that I’ll be jobless for a while I am scared that I will die penniless and alone in my pain. I plead the blood of christ on me please take some compassion and I need support right now I tried reaching out to therapists to those I thought had my best interests at heart but none of them wanted anything to do with me I have no one no friends I am hurting the job loss is the biggest dissapointment because I know I am going to be without a job for some time and I am scared I am scared that being jobless will drive me to extreme circumstances but I am really hoping that whoever can see this please pray that God sends an opportunity my way I am scared of my future and please pray for me that I will have a career that will be my forever job and not a temporary role. Please I just need support and I n need assistance in this dark time. May the lord bless whoever reads this message and prays for me. I am sincerely grateful for your support and faith. Thank you.