Good evening, New Psalmist. I have a prayer report. I passed most of my classes this semester, and I am sure I will be able to pass my classes and receive a passing grade. I could leave the student on academic probation I sincerely say that it was God and god alone that did this. I am almost finished with my fall 2023 semester, and honestly, I am shocked at how god met me and allowed me to be at my best this semester. I want to thank those who interceded for me I wish you and your family immense blessings this holiday. I am not doing well economically. I have not been tithing as I should, and I feel I lack the motivation to continue improving myself. I am lethargic and feel I am working to burn out from the stress and worry I put upon myself. I am just tired. I have had times this year when I wanted to find an opportunity, but employers have been rejecting my applications. They have been ghosting me for positions, and I have been the victim of scams. I have just been rejected to the point that I have given up on looking for jobs. I have been frustrated with the market, but I have hope. I keep hope for what god has for me. If he could bless me with excellent grades, I in my heart know that the lord can rescue me from this despair I feel in my heart. I feel I am In a dead-end job that is not leading me towards better opportunities. As I speak from my flesh, I am asking for god to help me have a better opportunity to grow and love the role I work in next. I am asking the lord for a new job, a new opportunity, and to open the windows of opportunity to pour out his blessing for me to find a new, better role than what I put myself through for this role. I am not moving currently. I want to be better for my future, and I need the fire and the motivation to be the best person for these companies for the roles I want to work for. I need to find a role that will give me growth experience and treat me with the same respect I give the employers I want to work for. I am asking for an unexpected blessing to happen in my life. I want to work in a role where I will prosper in experience and economically. This is important to me because I have tried to do this independently, and it did not work. I am bringing this request to god because I don’t want ever to put myself in another predicament like this. I pray the lord blesses me with a career In 2024 and not just a job. I want to have the motivation for the betterment and the need to succeed at my role, and I don’t want to be lethargic and lazy anymore. I want to be better for my true purpose in life and find fulfillment and happiness above all. I want to leave minimum wage and expect the best for myself, and I am praying for continued tithing from me from December 2023-2024 and beyond. Thank you for your continued prayers and blessings you’ve allowed god to give me. I am so grateful to all who prayed for me this semester, and I wish you all a most excellent and graced holiday. You’ve helped me more than anyone I knew or thought could help me. I am blessed and happy to be in this fantastic family in such a strong community. Thank you for praying for my situation. I am grateful beyond words as the lord has blessed me this year. Thank you for your intercession and continued support.