Thank you, Lord, amen, and hallelujah. Please Pray for me; I’ve found I have a meningioma brain tumor, 6th nerve palsy, manic depression with anxiety, and probably borderline bipolar. I have been going through a spiritual battle for a long time. I feel I’m in a tug of war with the devil and Jesus Christ. I’m losing my sense of direction, hope, and sanity. My mood is constantly up and down. I don’t want medication from a doctor; I need it from God. I’m asking for prayer for strength, wisdom direction, and discernment. I tried attending virtual church services and watching YouTube videos to help break this curse, but the devil has a hold on me and won’t let go. I want to be free from this madness; I’m pushing people away who want to support me, but the devil is now trying to get me not to look at these folks as genuine. I want to break these chains and be set free. I don’t know where to begin.