I am requesting prayer for my son Jimmy Jr that suffers from psychosis/paranoia. We are trying to get him to take medication that will help with this, but he’s refusing. I ask for prayer to heal his mind and remove the thoughts of not being able to trust us, who are only there to love and help him through this. Let him know that he is a child of GOD and can get through this. Remove those barriers the adversary is attempting so GOD can get in and take control of this. All things are possible through GOD, and GOD is a healer. I ask for prayer for his healing, to gain clear direction, and to restore his mind. I ask for his peace and that he allows us to help. I ask for prayer for the person(s) reading and praying for us, and lastly, I ask that GOD continues to give me the strength to help my son through this. I ask this all in JESUS’ name. AMEN