I am requesting a prayer regarding my faith to continue now and come out strong in the end. I’ve reentered school to gain more knowledge and to step into a new finance bracket. I’ve been asking god to protect my mind, hinder my mouth, and filter my thoughts. I doubt myself often leading me to doubt god. I have strayed away from church for about 8 years now.  I’ve dappled in my generations way of seeking god which is “ spiritual” less fellowship, way less ears, and absolute even more doubt. I ask that the Holy Spirit to continue to guide me, and that the barrier that is blocking me from this new path be broken so that I may teach my child instead of add to the trauma this world brings us all. Thank you god. My faith has always been small inside me but I’m ready to go bigger for god and return to the things that add confidence in my spirit. Thank you. Hopefully I can make church tomorrow for the first time in 8 years.
Gotta spin the block