Read Galatians 3:26–29

Experience God by reading about Amanda Berry Smith at

Upon accepting Christ in our lives, we are connected to other Christians regardless of our ethnicity and backgrounds. We are one people, Christians, seeking to spread the Gospel of Christ in our family, community, locally, nationally and across the globe, following the example of Amanda Berry Smith. As we grow in Christ, we must seek to build strong institutions, organizations and churches that seek to address economic inequality and injustice that plague African Americans and other minorities. Where do you see inequality and injustice and what is one step you will take to address it?

Prayer: Lord, I pray for a deeper Christlike spirit and faith as I grow to know you more. I pray that you will teach and guide me so that I may spread your word to family and friends, both in my community and beyond. Lord, please guide and strengthen me each and every day so that I can help others in a more meaningful way. In Jesus name, amen.

Call to Action: Today, I will share my testimony to help guide someone to Christ, and I will use my voice to confront injustice.