Read 1 Corinthians 9:19–23

 Experience God by reading about Lott Carey at

Lott Carey, a living example of obedience to God’s word. Leaving behind what was familiar, he went into a new land to spread the message of Christ, be a servant to all and to change conditions to make life better. Are you willing to share your gifts with others, to labor to save some for the gospel’s sake?

Prayer: Father God, we are grateful that you have given us the Holy Spirit to help make life better for others. Thank you for providing spiritual gifts within to labor, to serve and to win others to seek salvation through Christ Jesus. Now, I ask that you help me to be like a Paul and be who I need to be, wherever you need me to be, for the sake of the Gospel. In Jesus name, amen.

Call to Action: Let me walk in holy boldness and with obedience into my calling to serve others.