Read Habakkuk 2:1–3

Experience God by reading about John Stewart at

Despite limited education, and the criticisms from the opposition to cease preaching without proper credentials, Stewart chose to listen to God’s voice and direction. In doing so, he found his own voice. What do you need to do to find your voice and allow God to use your voice to be a spiritual vessel? Understand that we are Christ’s spiritual body, we are all gifted with various voices that God will use and empower to do the great exploits of heaven here on earth.

Prayer: Father God, I come to you first to thank you. Thank you for believing in me and loving me enough to provide me with a voice to speak and make an impact for your name. Please continue to give me the confidence to speak out and further my understanding of you based on your Word and my experiences with you. Help me to be fearless, and confident in the words that I speak and the impact they will have as they resonate in the lives of those who need to get closer to you. In Jesus name, amen.

Call to Action: Believe in the power and impact of your voice and words and speak life into someone today.