Read Matthew 5:14–16

Experience God by reading about Dr. Michael Johnson at

God blesses us with the desires of our heart to not only glorify God, but also to impact the lives of those we encounter. Dr. Michael Johnson let his light shine using the gifts and talents God had given him. When God brought increase into Dr. Johnson’s life, he also increased his influence in this world. Where is God calling you to use your influence in the world?

Prayer: God help me to accept the mission you have placed on my heart. I know you will provide everything I need to complete the assignment. Thank you, Lord, for the light you have put in my heart, now let it shine so that you will be glorified. Use me Lord and let my answer be YES to your will! In Jesus name, amen.

Call to Action: Volunteer at local organization that cares for people living with homelessness or give to someone you see today standing on the corner looking for help.