Read Hebrews 13:5–6

 Experience God by reading about Brian Johnson at

Brian Johnson traveled to places, where he trusted the God who would not leave him nor forsake him, to successfully win souls for Christ. He found blessings and miracles that God unfolded in the most challenging situations and places. Will you allow God to use you in revealing the blessings and miracles that are hiding behind the bitterness of racism and poverty in your community? Today, let God use you in the difficult places.

Prayer: Lord, help me to confidently shine Your light in the dark places, even when it seems like the odds aren’t in my favor. Help me to influence others, even in the most hopeless situations. Help me to bring others out of the darkness. When it seems like all hope is lost, help me to turn to you for help, and find a way out. In Jesus name, amen.

Call to Action: Have courage today through Jesus Christ even in those tough situations.