Make Your Event One to Remember.

Have you ever been to an event and everything looks perfect, but as the night drags on you realize that you are bored and want to go home because of the music? Maybe this is because the sound quality is off or the songs being played do not fit the mood of the event.

Or what about being at a big conference and not being able to see the PowerPoint because the projector screen is blurry? No matter what the reason is, we know far too well how the audio and visual systems at any event play a key role in the outcome.

At New Psalmist Retreat, Meet & Connection Center, our goal is to provide you with the best sound system that enhances your event, making it truly perfect. When you book an event with us, we will provide you with state-of-the-art speakers, microphones, and projectors. We strive to have exactly what you need, so no matter what the occasion is, NPRMCC is the reason everyone has a wonderful time.

It’s Music to Our Ears.

Knowing that we have made our clients’ evening the best that they could’ve ever expected gives us purpose. We love when we see the smile on every guest; people truly having the time of their lives because of the music, dancing, and fun. It is music to our ears to hear that we made your night such a success, and a dream come true.

At NPRMCC, your satisfaction is what matters most. We will work with you to ensure that you have the right audio and visual systems that you need to make your event one worth remembering.

Our Event Halls

Here at the New Psalmist Retreat, Meet & Connection Center, we have a variety of event halls, each designed to suit your needs. Enjoy excellent acoustics in our music hall, our assembly hall, and our auditorium. Take a look at our conference center event halls here. Or if you’re ready to get started, you can request a proposal for your next event here!